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Perintah Router Modes Cisco

in Jaringan komputer on March 28, 2015

Perintah Router Modes Cisco
Global Configuration Mode (Global Changes)
Cara konfigurasi:
Router#config terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line.
End with CNTL/Z.
Melakukan konfigurasi lebih spesifik, untuk: Interface, Sub-Interface, Controller, Line, Router. Berikut mode- modenya:
Router(config-controller)#Fitur Editing dan Help (Bantuan) Menggunakan tanda tanya (?)
Exec commands:
<1-99>     Session number to resume
auto         Exec level Automation
clear         Reset functions
clock         Manage the system clock
configure     Enter configuration mode
connect     Open a terminal connection
copy         Copy from one file to another
debug         Debugging functions (see also ‘undebug’)
delete         Delete a file
dir         List files on a filesystem
…..Fitur Editing dan Help (Bantuan)
Menggunakan tanda tanya mengikuti awal huruf atau awal command
Router#c?             clear clock configure connect copy
Router#clock ?         set Set the time and date
Router#clock set ?         hh:mm:ss Current Time
Router#clock set 09:00:00 ?     <1-31> Day of the month
MONTH             Month of the year
Router#clock set 09:00:00 01 ?     MONTH Month of the year
Router#clock set 09:00:00 01 jan ?     <1993-2035> Year
Router#clock set 09:00:00 01 jan 2012

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