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What To Look For In A Project Management Application

in Software on May 8, 2015

If you have any project management software, then you would want a project management application. A project management application is essentially a mobile friendly version of the software. Technically, all systems are powered by software, whether they are the ones used on desktops or the apparently small apps used on mobiles. The designing and access features may vary but the primary approach to develop the software and such applications is the same.

 Ideally you should not opt for any software unless it comes with a project management application. You need the access to the software while on the go. Beyond the simple attribute of being available or accessible, what other attributes would you look for in an app?

 · The first attribute should be interface. You may select some tools after being convinced that it is easy to use and has tons of features that you could use. The software may have had an amazing interface when you tried it out in your office. Well, that wouldn’t necessarily be the same interface on a mobile device. Some project software would have just as easy and convenient an interface on all devices. Those are the ones that you should opt for. With many applications you would find the interface to be a little clunky, less responsive and it may not be that easy to use. Discard such options.
· The second attribute is the set of features. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a mobile phone or tablet, a laptop or a desktop, all features of the project software should be available across all platforms. The app you choose to use should not leave out any tool or feature. Now, some features may be incompatible depending on the phone or tablet that one uses but the application should be loaded with the same features and they must be accessible.

 · Security is another important attribute, whether it is the software and the project management application. When the software is being used in office, there are the registered IPs and a certain level of security in the office itself. On mobile devices, you don’t get the office infrastructure and a mobile device should need stringent authentication. The app you chose shouldn’t just lunch at one click and lay bare all details of the project.

 · When we talk about mobility, the availability of network comes into play. A project management application should be light, it should have substantial cached data to work swiftly and the app must be compatible with popular mobile operating systems. Follow Phil E Williams to learn more about using a project management application. Phil is well versed in web based project management. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Phil_E_William Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9019927

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