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Tools, Tips & Tutorials] [Mi Note Pro] 10 New MIUI Features that You Can’t Ignore!

in Smartphone on May 9, 2015

On the 6th of May, 2015, in the V-Continent Beijing Parkview Wuzhou Hotel,Xiaomi launched the “Emporer of Smartphones” —— the Mi Note Pro. During the media event, Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, mentioned about several features specifically optimized for the Mi Note Pro. In this thread, the top 10 new characteristics of MIUI will be mentioned and explained one-by-one. 

64-bit Processing Capabilities

Mi Note Pro comes powered by MIUI 6 based on Android L, optimized to run on the new generation of 64-bit processors, promising processing capabilities that doubles that of it’s 32-bit sibling. With this beast of processing ability, updating your status on social networks, browsing the internet or playing games has never been so smooth before.

Full Control Over Fonts and Arrangement

A bigger screen means more contents that can be displayed at the same time, making it more suitable for reading or viewing. In order to fully utilize the 5.7″ estate, MIUI uses a different approach frpm traditional Android which just enlarges everything, instead MIUI optimizes everything from its very core, allowing more 25% more content compared to a 4.7″ screen.CHATTING on IM apps or browsing the news, you’ll see more content that before, thus improving the viewing experience.

Big Font Mode

MIUI not only displays more content on the bigger screen, but also provide a big font mode for those who favour bigger fonts and bigger icons. In order to allow third-party apps to work under big font mode, optimization from the base of MIUI allows for a totally different way of presentation of app content with big font mode.

One-Handed Operations

During times when we have to operate our phone with only one hand, it’s difficult to reach all four corners of the phone even with some hand gymnastics. To allow for better control while using one hand only, MIUI has the new OHO activated by swiping from Home button to either Recent button or Back button, and offers few screen size options of 3.5″, 4″ and 4.5″.

Professional Photography

Build for the 13MP snapper, the camera can automatically switch on the LED flash depending on the surrounding brightness; auto white balance that changes the colour temperature; focus peaking in manual focusing for better results; all new automatic level meter which provides a level shot at any angle

Smart Age Detection and Beautify
Selfies so beautiful I feel like crying

The smart beautification feature makes anyone look more attractive, and its auto age detection system will apply different beautification formulae based on age. Don’t worry about bad selfies and be confident about yourself!

Interview Mode for Recorder

The MIUI 6 Recorder app automatically mutes the phone while recording, preventing distruption even from calls. Besides providing up to 7 days/168 hours of continuous recording, instant saving while recording in mp3 format and tagging while recording for future editing, there’s also an Interview Mode made specifically for reporters. It automatically filters out surrounding noise and records only the human voice.

Smart Home Control on Lock Screen

You don’t have to install countless apps for smart home appliances controls anymore, the MIUI control center gathers them all into one simple app, making your phone the ultimate remote control. Best thing is, it’s right on the lock screen, just swipe right to access it.

Mi Cloud Services

Mi Cloud saves your contacts, personal photos, messages and call logs all in one space. With MIUI 6, you can even save your browsing progress between your phone and tablets, or sync family photos between your phone and your Mi TV.

Miscellaneous Functions

MIUI 6 is not just a phone OS, it comes pre-installed with many system apps that help you to identify fraud calls, free Wi-Fi access, hire cabs and even order for food delivery, everything is just a few taps away!

So many new characteristics, so much power. Pairing a revamped MIUI 6 with an octa-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810; 4GB of LDDR4 RAM; 64GB ROM; 5.7″ 2K Sunlight Display; 13MP OIS camera; 3090mAH battery; gold rims with dual glass constuction, this beast will go on sale just next Tuesday for just RMB2999 (approx. USD483).

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