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[Xiaomi] Mi 4i will go on sale in May: Malaysia,Taiwan,Hong Kong,Singapore, Indonesia

in Smartphone on May 9, 2015
Hi MIUI-ers,

For those who following the news of Mi4i, some might really excited to get it as soon as possible as it offers great specs with affordable price. At the same time, some users pm me and said they are sad because the first batch of Xiaomi Mi 4i store is sell online only on Flipkart (India). Some even asked me is it the” i ” in Mi4i stand for Mi 4 for India only? Allright calm down guys, i am here to clear all your doubt. 

Mi4i is not only sell in India but is is also specially designed for global market such as Malaysia,Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singaporeand Indonesia. Don’t believe what i say because i am only moderator and not Xiaomi employee? Let picture speaks the words. 

Woops i forgot to translate : 

Mi4i is a product that we designed specially for our global market. It is available on May in countries such as  Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.

So this is the first time newly launched Mi product will reach our country very soon. So do keep an eyes on your country’s Mi facebook page !

Here are some interesting photos on Hugo and Lei Jun’s weibo : 

This is the first time i represent Xiaomi on the stage, we launched Mi4i, i am very excited now. This is the project that i put in alot of efforts after 18 months i joined Xiaomi. Thanks for coming Lei Jun and Lin Bin, and kudos to all Xiaomi global product team members ! Mi4i is really great and nice to hold as well

Hugo showed the new Mi4i

Besides Mi4i, Xiaomi also launched their project B —-> Mi Band in India !

Lei Jun and Hugo took photo together after he announced all visitors will receive a free Mi Band !

Lei Jun said he is very happy to see all the Mi Fans in India are happy !
article source : http://en.miui.com/thread-106237-1-1.html

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