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Asset Control in Automotive Plants

in Hardware on May 11, 2015
Automotive plants are huge affairs with vehicles leaving the assembly lines all through the day and night. To get to that end point, however there has been a multitude of parts, jobs and people working together in order to keep the line running smoothly. How can you keep up with parts? How can you keep track of the raw materials needed? How will you know when a specific part is running low? This is where RFID systems come into play.
Radio Frequency identification systems (RFID) can help plant personnel know exactly which part is where at any given time day or night. It starts with tags, simple things that are affixed to each part, or each bin, tote or box of parts when they first come through the doors. RFID readers are then installed throughout the facility, usually at each stop the part makes on its way to becoming a vehicle. Using RFID software, the readers read each tag as it goes past and then instantly sends information to a computer. These systems are customizable to each plant’s specific needs and can be adjusted or changed whenever the need arises. When retooling for example, the readers can be placed in different places along the system, all while completing their work in real time.
Once a part starts its journey through the manufacturing process, the readers will allow personnel to track and know exactly where it is at any given time. It can track how many of those specific parts are still in the plant and can be alerted to when more will arrive or when to order a new shipment. Furthermore, these systems allow more than one tag to be read at any given time, so the information relayed to the computer is every changing, there is no need to go to several sources for information as it is all handily available at a glance.
There are a lot of parts that go into manufacturing a vehicle. With a RFID system in place, it means that a lot of the associated headaches are a thing of the past. It will alert managers when parts are low, alert personnel to any trouble on the floor itself and allow managers to see the line running smoothly at all hours, day and night. RFID is totally hands free and automatic, just put the readers in place once and once items are tagged the operation takes care of itself.
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