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Sanctity Of SMS Messages Kept By SMS Authentication Solutions

in Software on May 11, 2015
Retaining The Authenticity Of SMS Messages And Transactions Made Easier
Sending information over SMS networks has become a very common norm with the users of mobile devices. An SMS message is much cheaper to send than making a phone call. The additional benefit of SMS messages is that the message can be seen and understood better than being heard. Information relayed by voice may sound garbled or indistinct leading to wrong interpretation and repetitions. This problem is minimized to a large extent by sending SMS messages. There is, of course, the possibility that the SMS message gets distorted by the absence of strong signals which is automatically sent again till it reaches the destination properly.
Requirement for SMS authentication
Authentication of the sender and the receiver of SMS messages is necessary to ensure that the message reaches where it is supposed to and not somewhere else. The providers do the authentication of mobile devices for sending and receiving SMS messages in the following ways:
• Token details for SMS messages – The SMS enabled device receive One Time Passwords or OTP.
• Login procedures – The SMS enabled devices have to log on to the SMS services.
• SMS No Waiting – The user receives a new password after being logged on which is used with the PIN for further authentication.
• SMS No-waiting Plus – This is used in areas where the delivery of SMS messages becomes unreliable. The user receives five passcodes with the SMS message that have to be returned for authentication.
• Challenge Response – The user receives the OTP after submission of the User ID and completes the login process after sending back the OTP.
• Single sign-on – The user submits the user ID and Active Directory password. The Active Directory password is validated, and an OTP is sent to the user. The user is required to send the OTP and PIN to authenticate the login process.
• Retaining audit records and reports – Audit reports are retained even after the user gets removed or revoked
• Increasing the security – Instead of using six-digit passwords, security can be increased by using passwords comprising of letters, digits and special characters.
Things to consider about authentication
When an organization decides to implement SMS authentication with the help of an SMS Authentication Solutions provider, there are some things that need to be considered. They are as follow:
• Does the implementation process is convenient for the End user?
• Does the solution have support for the existing and other mobile devices?
• Does the solution provide support for the existing network and networks that may come up in future?
• Is a remote deployment of the solution is possible?
• Is the solution is easily manageable?
• Does the solution allow authentication management in a heterogeneous environment?
• Is the security provided by the solution robust enough?
• Is the authentication provided by the solution strong enough?
• Does the solution fit into the category of the security framework that is comprehensive?
• Will the Cost of Ownership be reduced after implementation of the solution?
Benefits of SMS Authentication
The priority of all organizations is to increase productivity to the maximum possible levels. The can be achieved only when the productivity of the staff and the end user are at the maximum level. But this maximization of productivity cannot be done at the expense of security that is also required to maintain the viability of the organization. To maximize productivity, organizations should take the help of Web Application Security Solutions providers to keep their work environment completely secure.
AuthShield is one of the best SMS Authentication Solutions provider in the market today.AuthShield’s two factor authentication Web API can

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